EMEC's member-elected Board of Directors is responsible for the policy decisions and governance of the Cooperative.

Our service area is divided into eleven zones. At zone elections, which are held at least every three years for each zone, the members from a zone elect their representative to the Board of Directors. The process of electing a Director takes the following steps:

  • Board Appoints Nominating Committee from Zone Membership
    The Board of Directors, keeping in mind the principle of geographic representation, appoint a nominating committee for each zone from the membership of that zone.

  • Nominating Committee Selects Names
    The purpose of each Nominating Committee is to select candidates from the co-op membership in their zone who are qualified to serve on the Board of Directors. The minutes of the nominating committee are posted here, at the Cooperative offices.

  • Nominee List Mailed to Members
    At least 35 days prior to the zone meeting, the members shall be notified by mail of the names of members who were nominated for the Director of their zone.

  • Additional Nominations Can be Made by Petition
    Any fifteen or more members from the related zone acting together may make other nominations by petition at least 20 days prior to the meeting, and the nominations shall be posted in the same place as the Nominating Committee's nominations.

  • Meeting Notice is Mailed to Members
    A notice of the zone meeting is mailed to the membership of the zone one week before the zone election is to take place.

  • Zone Elections Held
    From 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on the day of the zone meeting, members from that zone are asked to vote for their representative to the Board of Directors. At a 7:00 meeting, the votes are tallied and a winner is declared. Members are invited to ask questions about issues pertaining to the Cooperative.