EMEC $250 Heat Pump Rebate
EMEC now offers an exclusive, limited time $250 heat pump rebate, on top of the state's rebates via Efficiency Maine.

EMEC $250 Heat Pump Rebate

(Updated April 26, 2023 - As of this date, 92 rebates remain available
before the offer expires on December 23, 2023)

Eastern Maine Electric now offers an exclusive, limited-time heat pump rebate of $250, on top of other incentives from the State of Maine. This exclusive rebate is on top of incentives offered by the State of Maine.  For Co-op members, there’s never been a better time to cut heating costs by installing a heat pump.  

The news gets even better, because the electricity supply cost for EMEC members decreased in 2020, and it  will remain at that lower price, despite price increases impacting most of Maine.


EMEC $250 Heat Pump Rebate Details

Qualifying heat pumps must:

  • be installed within EMEC’s delivery territory

  • be installed after December 23, 2021 and before December 24, 2023

  • have qualified for and been granted a rebate by Efficiency Maine Trust (EMT)

  • be one of the first 300 qualifying heat pumps


A $250 check will be mailed once the Cooperative receives documentation from Efficiency Maine Trust (EMT) that the heat pump was installed and met the EMT requirements. 


Limit: One rebate per dwelling or business location.


This program is available to all residential, seasonal, and commercial members of Eastern Maine Electric Co-op, and it expires on December 23, 2023, or when 300 rebates have been granted, whichever comes first.



Upon receipt of the rebate from Efficiency Maine, members should complete and return the claim form, downloadable from this link. The form can be printed and mailed to:


Eastern Maine Electric Co-op
Attn: EMEC Heat Pump Rebate
P O Box 425
Calais, ME 04619


OR, members can complete the form and scan it or photograph it for return it by email to rebate@emec.com

Download the Request Form