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Your Automated Meter Reading

Many EMEC members who count kiloWatt-hours have a new tool at their disposal. Outside of Calais and Baileyville, most residential meters are read by automated meter readers (otherwise known as “Turtles” (TM) from Hunt Technologies).

The Turtle takes readings every 27 hours, rather than once a month, and so it provides more data about energy use. At the customer’s request, EMEC personnel can generate a report showing daily energy use for a recent period of time. If a customer uses more energy some days than others, that customer may be able to compare his or her schedule to the Turtle report to figure out why. Is energy use significantly higher on the weekends? Does it rise on laundry day? The Turtle may help answer those questions.       

Not every customer is able to figure out where they are using energy based on appliance lists and Turtle reports. Although the Co-op does not offer energy audits, customers who still have questions can call the Cooperative to discuss other possible causes of high energy use.


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